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Northern New Jersey's Experts In Jewish Monuments and Memorials

Jewish Monument Services and a Bit About Us...

Jewish Monuments Dealer & Builder In Northern, New Jersey

In the event of a friend or family member passing you are left with countless questions. Among these questions are often “how do I correctly honor said person’s life”? Through the ages monuments have proven time and time again that they are a meaningful way of paying respects. By giving your loved one a monument to commemorate his or her life,  you are allowing them a piece of the earth that will last an eternity.

Symbolically by giving them the Jewish monument they are able to live on, not just through our hearts but in the impact they’ve had on friends, family, and the planet. In most cases the funeral and other traditional events are very large gatherings which limit the privacy you have with your loved one. This is why many realize the true value of the Jewish monument afterwards, it allows you a place to physically go “see” your loved one which can be extremely healthy for the body, mind, and soul.

About Jewish Monuments NJ

There are many factors to take into account when choosing a beautiful Jewish monument for your loved one. The first of which would be whether you want to use bronze or granite as the base. Granite can be found in just about any color you have in mind so it will offer you a bit more creativity. Some feel bronze has a more traditional appearance and reflects the style of classic monuments. Unfortunately, bronze with all of its shine does not come in as wide a range of different colors.

You can choose just about anything you like but at the end of the day, please realize that you are honoring your loved one with something completely custom and beautiful. It’s a very special thing when you can honor someone’s entire life or legacy with stone or another material. For over 80 years, Jewish Monuments NJ have been building, designing and providing all phases of monument related services for the Jewish community within Northern New Jersey. We have outstanding relationships with past customers, high quality craftsmanship and reasonable pricing. We invite you to schedule an appointment at one of our showrooms to look at our selection and see the quality for yourself. You will find that our staff are more than friendly and completely open to any questions you may have. We truly look forward to meeting you.

(973) 777-7786 262 Main Ave, Clifton, NJ 07014

Jewish Bronze Plaques Company and Dealer In Northern, NJ

The hardest part of dealing with a family member or friend passing is getting closure. We have so many questions that start with “what if”. Without proper closure those questions can cause great harm to an individual’s world. The best way to get immediate closure is to create the resting place of the lost loved one. At Jewish Monuments NJ, we specialize in creating the most elegant, beautiful plaques.

That is why monuments and everything they entail are the standard procedures for such a traumatic situation. Having the monument allows the family, and friends to have a physical place they can go to in order to seek reflection, personal growth, and closure. Bronze plaques are an excellent addition to any Jewish monument or plot for a number of reasons.

Sizes, Color, Shapes and Designs of Bronze Plaques In Northern New Jersey

Jewish Bronze Plaques don’t have as much access to different colors as granite for monument building. That being said there is still a range of shades you can get bronze in. We can produce bronze plaques in virtually any size or shape you wish. As for designs, we can apply a border to the plaque that will be made of granite, or other stones such as marble. These borders can be etched with patterns, or floral designs to your liking.

Where Does the Plaque Go?

Bronze Plaques for those of Jewish faith can be used either as foot stones or headstones to the actual grave marker. There are many different types of markers such as;

Ledger Markers are larger sections of granite that make up the majority of the monument.

Flush markers are a bit more affordable and is available in granite and bronze.

Bevel markers are set at small angles which give a slight overcast appeal to the monument.

Slant markers are similar to bevel markers but they are usually shorter with a wider foundation.

Upright markers are taller than most similar to a monolith and typically adorned with a tablet or symbol at the top.

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