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After the passing of a Jewish friend or family member we are left with the massive task of how to put him or her to rest appropriately. There are many questions which must race through the mind during this period. What were his or her greatest achievements? How would they want to be remembered? How do you want to remember them? The answers to those questions will find you in time.  Memorials are a graceful way to immortalize the impact your loved one had. There are many different forms of memorials and so your options are vast allowing you the creative comfort room needed.

Flat Headstones

Sometimes these memorials are called ground stones, gravestones, or grave markers. Usually they aren’t much higher than a few inches raised off the plot. These headstones are popular because they allow room for the additions of other family members and loved ones as well as the building of an additional memorial as time goes on.


Obelisks are vertically aligned memorials that have rectangular or square foundations. In some cases, the highest point of the obelisk is adorned with an extra design or feature such as a sculpture, sphere, religious fixture or emblem. Those who favor cremation urns often turn to obelisks so that they may place the urn at the top as an icon. Obelisks can vary in size with some reaching as high as eight feet.

Slant Markers

Slant markers are normally close to the ground only going as high as two feet. In most situations, they will be at a 45-degree angle supported by a foundation usually of granite. The reason slant is preferred by some is the elegance of the hand etched or scripted text at an angle. Another benefit of using slant markers is that because they are at an angle they properly fend off Mother Nature. Every cemetery is going to be a little bit different.  Some cemeteries will have rules on the size of the slant on these markers.

Bench Memorials

Bench memorials are a fine dedication to your loved one. By giving a bench in tribute to your loved one’s life you allow friends and family a comfortable visit. This will positively impact the lives of everyone who continues to visit the gravesite inspiring reflection in an effortless environment. These benches can be made in different shapes, sizes, colors and designs.

Memorials and Sculptures with “The Star of David”

“The Star of David” while popular, has always been an elegant way to represent the inner spiritual center which is supported by six universal sides. Most sculptures will vary in size and shape. In the event that you are looking for a sculpture we can hand or laser carve any of the items you have in mind. In fact, with new sculpting technologies we can get in as much detail as you want as far as even the texture of the statue.

Cremation Memorials

Many who follow with cremation believe that the remains will be situated directly in the home. This is an honorable thing to do and serves the idea that your loved one will always be there with you. But many don’t know that cremation urns can also be displayed alongside a monument or mausoleum. They can be put together over time at a family plot or even inside a mausoleum for private reflection.

Civic Memorials

There are no projects that Jewish Monuments NJ cannot handle. We have handled civic memorials in the past and are ready to assist you with any ideas or thoughts you have. We also have experience crafting memorials specifically for temples as well as synagogues.

Bronze Memorials

These memorials are often decorated with sections of granite, marble, sandstone, slate, or pewter. Bronze has long been adored for its everlasting resistance to time and its glimmering appeal. Most who choose bronze do so because of its aesthetic beauty serving as a true testament to its reputation.

Granite Memorials

Granite is often quoted as being the strongest, most durable choice for a memorial. Granite comes in a wide range of colors and will afford higher levels of creativity to you. Granite is highly resistant to natural aging and oxidation and shouldn’t require much maintenance outside of some scheduled power washing to keep dirt out.

The vast majority of these Jewish memorials will be made from granite, bronze, marble, slate, sandstone, and possibly other rich metals. All of Jewish Monuments NJ’s materials are received directly from Matthews and are genuine products. We only use the greatest quality materials in order to assure you get the memorial that will stand strong alongside the achievements of your loved one.

Jewish Monuments NJ has been serving the people within the counties of Northern New Jersey with loyalty and integrity for over 80 years. If you are in need of a memorial for your loved one or would like to design one for yourself please feel free to call us today. We hope to earn your trust during this rough time.

Everything You Need to Know About Memorials

  • Memorials are made up of headstones, markers, plaques, benches, and sculptures.
  • They are customized by adding lifespans, names, quotes, biblical verses, pictures, borders, patterns, colors, and symbols.
  • Usually made of granite for its durability or bronze for its elegance
  • Other metals and stone like marble may accent the memorial
  • Both materials are accessible in a wide variety of colors
  • Benches can be added for increased reflection upon visits
  • Can host cremation urns
  • Wide variety of markers that will alter the perception of the headstone
  • Can pay homage to specific elements of your loved one’s family culture
  • Easily maintained and kept clean
  • Can be finished quickly

Jewish Monuments NJ has experience working alongside just about every cemetery within Northern New Jersey and is more than happy to assist reformed, conservative and orthodox Jews.

We are capable of speaking Russian, and Polish and can craft lettering with multiple languages including Hebrew or Yiddish. We can also assist you in making “pre-need” arrangements. This allows you to choose the design and style of your headstone or memorial ahead of time. This will give you and your family some peace of mind alleviating the pressure of a stressful time. Call today at (973) 777-7786.

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