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Customizing Your Jewish Mausoleums


Over the years, hand etching mausoleums for those that have spent their lives practicing Judaism has turned into laser etching. Both are formidable methods of designing a monument. The reason it has become so popular over time is that it gives the surviving parties an opportunity to share an instance or anecdote about the lost loved one. In addition to this you can give a statement about the creation of the monument or mausoleum for future generations to see.


Similar to etching, inscriptions are normally a record or a history of the life lived by the individual(s) lost. These types of dedications are commonly found on monuments to the military, within temples, synagogues or for entire families. By recording a short history of the life lived and inscribing it in stone you are giving eternal life to the memories, history, and existence of loved ones.


Sculptures are a powerful aspect of the monument world. One of the most common sculptures made is that of an angel. Angels symbolize innocence, kindness, compassion and most of all beauty. Some choose to have a religious figure sculpted as testament to a loved one’s faith or admiration. Sculptures are made by carving into the granite or other material and creating a three-dimensional design that can be touched and felt with realistic appearance.

Sand Blasting

This is an alternative to etching, by using a flat granite element we can carve any image you like into the structure of the mausoleum. This process will produce a two-dimensional appearance similar to that of a drawing or painting.


Plaques will commonly be made from bronze in order to emphasize the text in that particular area. Plaques are usually complimented with some basic information such as the lifespan, and name of the deceased. Following this you may also add additional text such as a story or a fact about them.


Custom lettering is one of the most important parts about designing a proper tribute. Lettering refers to the calligraphy, typography, or font of the text etched into the mausoleum. Depending on the style of lettering chosen you have a bit more influence on how you want your loved one remembered. We are capable of inscribing any written language or symbols you have. This could mean anything from Hebrew and Yiddish to Russian or Polish as well as any other language you would like.

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